Out for the Count

Well, it’s happened again. I should have seen it coming, the signs were all there, but I hoped “Not this time, it’s different.” However here I sit with what is most likely strep throat, judging from my track record and the terrible pain every time I swallow. This was not entirely unexpected, as every year for the past five or so I have contracted some alphabet letter of strep combined with something else, the worst being last year when I actually ended up in the hospital, on Valentine’s day. This year has been my healthiest ever though, and I’ve hardly gotten a cold or a sniffle for almost a year, so I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. That said, the timing could have been worse; I’m glad it wasn’t at SxSW (like poor Jane or Ernie); I’m glad it wasn’t on Valentine’s day; I’m glad it wasn’t during an “important” school week; I’m glad that you’re still reading at this point. I’m going to try and get some more rest. Updates will either be light, or come at a Kathyesque rate—we’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Out for the Count

  1. I sympathize. I managed to avoid the flu’s raging at this school all winter, and now, just in time for spring (and spring break), I’ve come down with something. Here’s to both of us getting better soon!

  2. haha, Matt! šŸ™‚ but i sympathize with you, too… i don’t think i had strep, but i’m still getting over this 1.5 week cough. got it on Monday when i was in Austin… and i’m still not over it! i’m so sick of coughing. people at work think i’ll never be well.

    will you still be able to come out on Saturday?

  3. id bring you chicken soup, but i dont think i could cook without killing something. šŸ˜‰ feel better babe