Search Updated

I’ve cleaned up the ht://dig search engine quite a bit, though I still have to hack it to be XHTML 1.1 compliant and fit better with the site, but after updating the index I got these interesting stats:

htstat: Total documents: 11490
htstat: Total words: 1933258
htstat: Total unique words: 17660

The bulk of those pages are from the photolog, which is currently 5200 photos, but before the index was huge because my URLs weren’t very tidy and sometimes the same thing would have 10 different ways to access it. That’s still true a bit, but I’m working on it. Also I’ve been working very hard on a new project, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to talk about it yet.

3 thoughts on “Search Updated

  1. You spelled “compliant” wrong here and on your About page you mispelled “sophomore” and said you “emphasis” a word instead of “emphasize.” Just thought you might like to know. 😛

  2. Good, Lord! I’d better keep a dictionary next to me whenever I post something! Thanks, Beck, for keeping my little brother on the straight and narrow! (I was just about to start a sentence with “And”, but I’ll refrain from doing so)
    …so, Matt, this new project wouldn’t be my gallery, would it? 😀
    Love, Charleen – who’s trying to recover from the crazy night life in Pfrigid Pflugerville