As SxSWi rapidly approaches, and my spring break zooms by faster than I could have imagined, I find myself knee-deep in Smarty, which I feel is the most pleasant engine/enviroment/platform/whatever I’ve used in a very long time. Everything is so elegant, extensible, and well thought out. It is simple at its core, but brims with power. Plus it absolutely flies with PHP Accelerator. It looks like I’m going to use this for everything from now on.

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i know we’ve been talking about this round and round and round… but are we getting together when we meet up in Austin? i don’t think i’m going to be going to any of the interactive stuff… i’m not really one to sit on forums and listening to panels, etc. my cousin is coming into town and i want to show her other stuff in Austin rather than sit down for hours, let’s say… then again, my sister (who lives in Austin) is going to look for movies/documentaries for us to watch. but in the evening time, are we going to meet up, just the H-Town gang and whoever wants to come along? just curious… because honestly, i think we’re going to miss each other… but i’ve got Christine’s cell… and your’s, too…

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