Moving On Up

I feel ashamed posting this, but #10 on Yahoo. Not sure why I’m 10 on Yahoo, and I’ve moved from 13 to 12 and back on Google, but does it matter? I get these things from my referrer stats, honest! You can insist on my quest for search engine domination by linking to me with the Matt. Slight variations like “Matt Mullenweg,” “photo matt,” “I love Matt,” and “Matt is a _____ (fill in blank)” should be alright as well.

8 replies on “Moving On Up”

Spelling schmelling– First, I say that Josh is just being too nitpicky and I don’t care to edit this entry and second, you spelled “grammar” wrong in your comment, Mr. Mullenweg. πŸ™‚

For anyone totally confused now, there is an “edit war” going on with various mispellings both true and created in the various comments. This is what happens when Good Editors Go Bad, next on Fox…