Texturize Finished

I just stuck a fork in Texturize and I’m ready to integrate it fully with WordPress. I’m very satisfied with the speed and functionality of this latest version. Not much in way of feature changes, except for one I think is pretty significant.

The Q tag would be great if it weren’t for Internet Explorer’s lacking in the realm of CSS generate content. (See Hixie’s scathing remarks for a critical look at IE.) Anyway this is the first automagic quote curlifier to do this (cue 15 corrections) though I’m sure Textile and SmartyPants won’t be far behind. The great thing about this technique is it lets you markup semantically meaningful quotes in your writing without losing a majority of your audience. Even better it would be trivial to put some simple browser detection and send the markup to browsers that get it. What a concept, using browser detection for good and not evil. This post is the first one where I’m using this technique. Hope the sky doesn’t fall. Update: It didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Texturize Finished

  1. That’s an interesting piece of code, but I like the idea of each browser getting as valid code as possible, so even if I did that I’d put some server-side detection in, and I just don’t feel like having that in my CSS right now.

    BTW Simon, are you still stuck on an older version of Lynx? I could put a catch in there to prevent all entifying for Lynx user agents.

  2. I only use Lynx /very/ occasionally (a couple of times a month probably) so there’s not much point in making any changes, especially since more up to date versions of Lynx work fine.