Oh No

It looks like Kymberlie and Christine have both been hacked, I only hope that the crackers didn’t do anything bad to their files and that it was a simple vulnerability and not one in Movable Type or something. Calling now… These guys (girls?) are so cool they did the hack announcement in FrontPage. Now that’s l33t.

3 thoughts on “Oh No

  1. Actually – it looks like they hit numerous sites all on the same server. MT is fine, and a rebuild to the page restored everything. My phpBB for Blogomania isn’t fairing as well though, and I’m going to have a lot of unhappy clients in the morning… UGH.

    Another interesting note – it looks like it is only index.html or index.php pages that were hacked – could someone have unleashed a virus on the server somehow?

  2. Pretty sure it was SSH – tightened the powers of that in some now. Some are trying to blame MT without the Sanitize plugin, but I’m not buying it. Not yet. Still need more details.