Spirit Refill

I had a very artistic night, which I can only describe as spiritually refilling. It started at the first of two senior recitals of the night. It was by Joe Santa Maria and it was really great. The selection of tunes was very diverse (Beatrice was beautiful) and his tone sounded great. Directly following was Kyle Wilson’s recital which was just as excellent. He did a lot of technically challenging songs (Last Rites of Rock ’n Roll, Snake Charmer, What Goes Around) but played them with soul. Both will be online as soon as I get them and maybe it’ll motivate me to finally do something with, which I haven’t touched in about a year now. (While it’s visually lacking, there’s some pretty neat stuff going on behind the scenes. All the song lists and extra files are generated dynamically from the filesystem, reading the metadata from the ID3 tags.)

The reception immediately followed, but I had promised Elissa-who-is-not-linked that I would check her art performance at the Contemporary Arts Museum. So I rushed over there and got there just in time to catch hers. It would be extremely difficult to describe, but it involved a wooden chair, a black dress, panty hose, and Elissa cutting her hair. We talked about it earlier and Elissa didn’t know how long it was going to be, she was just would cut it however long felt right. For a few excruciating seconds she paused before making the first cut, and I really thought she wasn’t going to do it, and I don’t think I could have. (And I don’t even have that much hair!) I didn’t have any idea what performance art was going in, but now I think I have a better sense of it. There were no words, but something about the situation and the way in which the action was carried out really spoke to me and affected me emotionally, just like a good piece of art. It’s something that has to be experienced, because it loses everything in the description.

The joint reception for the recitals was at Molina’s, a great Mexican restaurant. The food hit the spot and I got to socialize with a number of folks I hadn’t seen in a while, some as long as two years. Kyle, along with Chase Jordan and Marcos Varella whose recitals I attended earlier this week and were great, are going to be attending the New School, all on generous scholarships. Joe is going to join Rene at Berklee College of Music. So many great players are coming out of HSPVA, I think it’ll just be a few years before the jazz record scene starts to take notice.

After the reception I just couldn’t go home, perhaps because of the paper due tomorrow, so I headed over to the Rivendell to hear the Stan Killian Trio with Clayton Dyess and Maggie Grebowicz. Met some nice people and heard some swinging music, plus there was no cover, so it was a very enjoyable performance and I stayed to the very end. Definitely going to check them out again.

Once I got home I did what anyone would do after such an inspiring night: practice!

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