WordPress Picking Up Pace

Today has certainly been an exciting day so far. First of all, Donncha has joined the WordPress team, bringing the number of developers officially to three. There have been several other inquiries and I think it’s exciting and the development will move along pretty fast.

I’m trying my hardest at least. I got a couple of things out of the way this morning: first the displays of comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks are all combined and present chronologically interspersed amoung each other. They really are all comments, and now they display as such. This also eliminates some link clutter, Josh will be especially happy since according to him “The trackback link is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

Next I went through most all of the code and converted all the mysql_* functions to use the ezSQL class, which I found through Simon (who is running an excellent CSS series right now, by the way). ezSQL has become a huge timesaver and cleaned up a lot of code in different projects I do, including Mullenweg.com where it sped up things quite a bit as well.

As that was happening I refactored all of the template code, taking out some things that weren’t necessary anymore and just in general cleaning things up. After I finished all this I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t a noticable speedup, but that’s actually in line with the profiling I did a couple of weeks ago that showed the bulk of the processing happening in some of the character conversion code. If someone else can focus on features for a few days I’d really love to dig into that code and see if we can’t get a substantial speedup from optimizing it. Of course a lot of this will be less significant once we get Smarty caching in place, but having a very streamlined and efficient application before caching never hurt anybody.

For now though it’s time for a break, and lunch with Kathy and Elaine is just what I’ve been looking forward to.

One thought on “WordPress Picking Up Pace

  1. Hmm… how does one get to have one of those “Lunches with Matt”? Do you travel to downtown? 🙂

    As for interspersing the Trackback pings with the comments – is that mandatory? Or optional? I personally don’t want mine mixed together. I prefer them to be separate, just because I like it that way. Or I like them to display on the same page, but not all mixed up.

    I’m thinking of a BPC test conversion to see how it handles a blog with a zillion posts – but I have questions first. If you get a phone call from me later, you’ll know why… *grin*