A Little Hair

Well so I finally did it. I’ve been flirting with the idea of growing my hair long, really long. Either that or I wanted to cut it all off, not quite bald but buzzed. I went in to the hair place not quite sure what I was going to do, either get a light trim just to clean it up or take it all off, and I ended up with neither. To satisfy everyone’s burning curiousity here is the obligitory before and after picture. What do you think?

Before the Haircut    After the haircut

7 thoughts on “A Little Hair

  1. yes – did you see my cry of help from my blog? 🙂 thanks for getting them fixed! i almost didn’t know what to do with myself! LOL

  2. i happen to like the messy look. i’m trying to imagine you with longer hair… i think you could’ve pulled it off! i would be fist in line to braid it! 😀