Giving it a trial run, it actually doesn’t look that bad on my site. I’m glad they got rid of that ghastly grey. However at the moment Google seems to think “coconut monkey purses” are particularly relevant to visitors of my page. Go figure. Anyway if an ad looks interesting to you check it out.

Update: The ads are starting to appear more relevant. Maybe this’ll work. They really should allow you to style it to match your site.

4 thoughts on “Adsense

  1. I noticed that your blog no longer validates because of a commented-out DOCTYPE declaration. What’s up with that? And does it have anything to do with your shameless money grabbing ploy? 😉

  2. Now it’s pushing Tivos on me. How does it know? How does it know I was drooling over the latest and greatest 80 hour Tivo just last week? With WiFi. And Home Media stuff. Must have one…