Elissa Is So…

Elissa made me a really cool mix CD, so cool I feel like I have to share the track list.

  1. Explosion — Dilute
  2. Paper Bag — Fiona Apple
  3. Kaini Industries — Boards of Canada
  4. Easy — Emiliana Torrini
  5. Why You’d Want to Live Here — Death Cab for Cutie
  6. Your Bleedin’ Heart — Reggie & the Full Effect
  7. In the Morning of the Magician… — The Flaming Lips
  8. Reunited — Funkstorung featuring Wu Tang
  9. Highschool Lover — AIR
  10. Is It Wicked Not to Care? — Belle & Sebastian
  11. Merge — Lamb
  12. You Got Me — Roots featuring Erykah Badu
  13. Labour of Love — Frente
  14. Playboys — Mono
  15. Felt Mountain — Goldfrapp

3 replies on “Elissa Is So…”

mmm Elissa burned me some awesome CDs, so far I’ve only listened to Belle and Sebastion (which I LOVED by the way Eleesha)… and Paper Bag is a beautiful song. One of the four that I listen to incessantly by Fiona Apple. (The other three being Love Ridden, Get Gone, and I Know.)

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