Who Let the Blogs Out?

Woof. I had definitely noticed it, and Christine pointed it out as well, but the links on my sidebar haven’t updated since the end of June. Obviously I broke something, but I haven’t quite figured it out. That list is how I navigate the blogworld, so if I haven’t been by your place lately or left any comments that’s why. I feel so out of touch! I tried out Feed Demon but it seemed as unintuitive to me as all the others I’ve tried. All the different websites I visit, each with its own unique design and navigation scheme, all that is more comfortable to me than any aggregator I’ve tried.

5 thoughts on “Who Let the Blogs Out?

  1. I wondered why I hadn’t heard from you lately… 😉 Glad I’m observant – and it looks like it is working again maybe? I hope so!

    I’m a big fan of NewzCrawler, and it doesn’t require .NET, so that’s a good thing! I understand what you mean though about missing the feel – I mainly use it when I need to catch up on things.