A Tweak Here

If you have a sharp eye you may have noticed a few changes to the site. The big change is we now have publicly accessible archives. I had removed all archive links because I didn’t (and still don’t) like the URL structure they currently use, but I was getting enough emails requesting them that they are now back up in all they’re ugly query-based glory. Besides, having a weblog without archives is a little funky.

The other biggie is that all the external links have moved to a portal page, which is currently just the same lists as before but will become brutally optimized and reorganized as I begin to use it as my home page, the most revered status any page can aspire to. Anyway I considered simply hiding the links through some sort of toggle mechanism but upon further consideration that would just give me all the added code and generation time of having the links on every page without the benefit of having the links handy. They are mostly for my personal use anyway, though Joe has mentioned to be he has used the list as a launching point on several occasions. We shall see how this works out.

Finally, the Google ads are no longer quite as ugly. Unfortunately aesthetically consistent ads seem to get less clicks. Either that or the ad’s seeming obsession with TiVo for the home page is less than effective. (Of course I probably didn’t help matters much with that juicy keyword there.)

3 replies on “A Tweak Here”

when i moved the bulk of my sidebars to a sidebar page, i copied it and made a portal page out of it (with more admin links and stuff) and use that as my home page. i’ve been noticing that a lot of people have been doing that lately.

I’m considering moving mine off to a “links” page with the redesign that I’m working on in my mind. I have to agree with Joe though that I have used your list as a starting point to find blogs that I might have otherwise overlooked. You know, to avoid any more embarrassing “eyes bleed” comments and all that…