14 thoughts on “It Is Time

  1. Yeah, it’s telling my Mozilla 1.4 that it doesn’t support CSS. The content is wide for some reason, giving me a little of a horizontal scrollbar. And the menu has flopped down below the content, instead of being on the side.

    If I had time, I’d try to look at your stylesheets and offer a suggestion, but I think I’m going to be too busy here at work today.

  2. Dougal, I just hadn’t put the CSS rule that hid the no-CSS message yet, don’t worry. I’m sure your Mozilla 1.4 is just groovy with me. Don’t worry yet, it’s far from done.

  3. Looks good Matt. The green isn’t a problem to me. It’s a cleaner looking design than the last version.

    BTW, I’m using Firebird 0.6 and I’m getting no problems.

  4. It isn’t a thing of utter beauty just yet, but by God it is a significant improvement on the whole blue thing you had going before. The colors are pleasing to the eye, even if they are a little close to baby-shit green. Remember to change your shortcut icon as well.

  5. “baby shit green”?! Ha! I would have said “pea-soup”. Nice job so far Matt – big improvement on the last design. Don’t forget that (ahem) lovely (ahem) favicon though…

  6. Thanks all for the comments.

    Mike, when they wrote that the green was a little less subdued than it is now. It’s a work in progress. I’ll get to that favicon soon!

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