Automatic Paragraph Function Turns 1

Has it really been over a year? I can’t believe it.

An unassuming little script, called “autop” and titled New Lines to Paragraphs was one of my earliest attempts at massaging plain text into smart XHTML, and it has come a very long way since it first started. (See the legacy code.) The code is not perfect, and it may never be, but it has worked very well for an impressive number of people, and I value that.

The code has been improved significantly in the past few months as part of the WordPress codebase, and I’ve updated the code homepage to reflect these improvements. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Automatic Paragraph Function Turns 1

  1. Cheers indeed, look at that little baby of yours, now one of the biggest leaps and advantages in the b2/Wordpress feature parade.

    Good work, as always, Matt.

  2. Make that a double 🙂

    After some initial suspicion, I have come to appreciate autop as a clever and extremely useful script. It really works wonders for my blog comments.

    Just noticed your scripts page btw; lots of work gathered there and a great resource.

    Keep it up Matt.

  3. Nice work, Matt! I’ve seen your “autop” code several months ago, and I’m sure a lot of PHP programmers have used this in their projects. Very useful especially for those who prefer to type inside a textarea without worrying about markup. Keep it up!