Dig Those Permalinks

A little afternoon hacking has produced a new WordPress feature that is in the CVS for the curious. Thoughts? So are you ready to use WordPress yet?

Old links of the style /p123 are being permanently redirected to the new format using a very simple PHP script and a modification of my old mod_rewrite rules. No link left behind! The RSS feeds (feedii?) should be fixed as well. This is a feature I’ve been wanting for a long time and it has been surprisingly easy to implement so far. I need to tweak the bread crumb function still, but that’s an issue specific to this site, not the general implementation.

Also now notice that the date attached to each post is in fact a multi-level link, an idea I stole from the best, Dunstan Orchard.

9 thoughts on “Dig Those Permalinks

  1. This current iteration uses mod_rewrite but it’s concievable that the technique could be adapted to other methods. However mod_rewrite is pretty ubiquitous so we’ll see if there’s demand for another solution.

  2. To be safe I want to say the wp-admin directory and the b2-include directories, plus b2login.php. That’s what we’ve been working on since the .72 release.

  3. I would be interested in using WordPress if I could get this function working. I cheched out the CVS and installed it locally. I tried changing the permalink structure through Options > Permalink, and while it generates the .htaccess (which I put in place), it doesn’t seem to actually update the permalinks. And when trying to post a new entry I get a “header already sent” error. How can I make this work?