Fray Day 7

I'll be at Fray Day 7I’m going to participating in Fray Day 7 here in Houston tonight at 8 PM. I’m a “featured speaker” tonight and I’m going to be telling a story I call “The Little Red Button That Changed My Life.” Several friends have already expressed an interest in coming and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. It should be a lot of fun for everyone involved. I know Robert Nagle has worked very hard in putting all this together, my Dad told me he heard the event mentioned on the radio Friday morning.

To be honest though I’m scared to death.

Where? The Nexus Cafe (Walden Internet Village) is located on 2828 Rogerdale, 2nd floor (between Richmond and Westheimer).

13 replies on “Fray Day 7”

Hi. I saw your performance at Fray Day and you did an amazing job. Definitely one of the highlights. My friend and I are so going to go search for The Button very soon.

I didn’t get up the guts to read, so good on you.

Point me to the MP3. We were taking care of extra foster kids this wwekend so I could not go. I want to hear the story of this red button. Have you considered writing it down?

The Red Button….freakin’ genius. I loved your story Matt. Couldn’t tell you were nervous at all. Fantastic. I will get around to dealing with the audio one of these days….

Ahhh… the Red Button. I’m really sorry I missed it! I’ve heard great things about it though, and … well, I’ve always experienced the Red Button with you, so that brings me much joy. 🙂