New Furnishings

With all the serious talk around here lately of hacks and writing and markup, I think I’ve been neglecting some different but still important things like lunch with Elaine and the crazy birds there, the new haircut, and such.

But what I’m really excited about is my room. Comments, questions, and advice welcome.

I’m going for something comfortable yet stylish in a functional way, if you drift my catch.

8 thoughts on “New Furnishings

  1. Very sexy new do, and the apartment looks great – love the circular mirror and lamps, very nice! The color of the curtains is gorgeous too – good choice! Now you need to plan a housewarming fiesta so I can see it in person.

    Looking forward to another lunchtime bird stalking – till then…

  2. That new haircut is quite suave. What’s up with those birds? The apartment looks fantastic! (Now I have to resist the decorating urge! I always want to make my surroundings better!)