On Blogrolling Hack

The disruption in Blogrolling’s service illustrates a need for more decentralization in the blog world.

I think the importance of this issue cannot be understated. My thoughts from the WordPress Dev blog: Blogrolling Hack Illustrates Need for Decentralization.

This morning it seems that sites who manage their blogrolls using’s service had their links hijacked, every link being replaced by one to “Laura’s Blog,” which predictably redirects to a porn site. As painful and unfortunate as this is, I think it illustrates an important point that as a weblogging community we should be heading away from centralization as a rule, not flocking to every free or low-cost centralized service that pops up.

To me one of the greatest things about weblogs is that they shift power and control away from monolithic organizations and into the hands of users, where it is ultimately more secure. I have a friend who lost three years of her writing when a free online journal service decided to fold and delete everyone’s entries. I know people who hardly use email because their hotmail or yahoo addresses are flooded with so much spam as to make them useless. People who don’t host their own comments have their discussion at the mercy of some third party provider of varying reliability. Many of you reading this had your blogrolls hijacked this morning. In the weblog world blogroll links represent a web of trust — you freely giving a piece of your credibility to another site as a gift to that site and your audience. Today that trust was betrayed for many people.

There is more on the link. I’d love to hear some feedback and assist people in moving away from centralized services, even if it isn’t to WordPress. What are the other alternatives? If you want to move away but you’re having trouble with code somewhere just let me know and I’ll try to help you out.

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A porn site? Actually, I thought Laura was just another hapless blogger. I went to the site several times that morning only to find that other bloggers had harassed her and blamed her for the blogroll problem. Her husband had to leave a ratherful forceful post asking everyone to back off the accusations becasue his wife had nothing to do with it.

Was I mistaken?

Decentralized Blogrolling Script
Well, I’m sure most bloggers heard about the little incident with Blogrolling not too long ago. If you haven’t, that site has a bit of a timeline of what happened, but the gist of it was that a small(?) error…

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