More Google vs. Yahoo

Just looking over a few stats for the month of Feburary, and this stood out:

7,025 sessions
Inktomi Search
28,769 sessions


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Also Mike, if you had comments I would warn you that gzipping external CSS files can crash NS4, which you may want to note in your article. That’s why it’s usually excluded when people run mod_rewrite.

Okay. I suck. New rules. No more posting anything at 2:14 am after too many coffees. Yes, I meant WordPress.

Anyway, post updated. Thanks Matt, I’m going to sign off before I do myself any more damage!

You must have gotten Slurp in a corner up against the ropes where she couldn’t get away: I’m at 7516 Googlebot and only 2780 Slurp. However, I did notice the other day that Slurp’s grabbing my front page every 90-180 minutes, while Googlebot will spend hours sucking down link-and-a-snark entries from two years ago that will never change again.

It DOES seem to have been a slow googlebot month for me…
(As of Feb 23 @ 5AM, I only update my stats weekly)
MSNBot 3590
Googlebot 3208
Inktomi Slurp 2167
Turn It In? 495

Compared to last month:
Googlebot 6515
Jeeves 2470
MSNBot 1766
WISENutbot (Looksmart) 1096
Inktomi Slurp 987

And apparently Jeeves finds me boring this month, with a measly 148 hits… odd!