Protect Your Wireless Traffic

On my giant todo list for SxSW this year was double-checking that all communication I would be doing over the wireless network would be secured against possible sniffing. Most of my traffic isn’t a problem: I use SFTP with CuteFTP Pro and Dreamweaver MX 2004 to update sites, terminals are (of course) SSH, and all my incoming and outgoing email is over SSL. I’m worried about the errant website login, and maybe AIM. Better safe than sorry, right?

Well Mr. Haughey is going to be using VPN through an inexpensive third-party provider. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? I thought about setting one up on my server at home (or maybe the colo) but then I remembered that I have a VPN account through UH that is very fast. They require using the VPN software to connect to any of the Cisco access points they have all over the campus, in fact I’m on it right now. Problem solved. I would still like to bring back the secure Photo Matt though.

8 thoughts on “Protect Your Wireless Traffic

  1. okay, i know sxsw is south by southwest, but ssh, ssl, vpn? what? excuse my ignorance, but you do have real-world people who know NOTHING reading this. :p

  2. Chris – you can find all the information you need about SxSW over here. it’s in Austin.

    btw – i can only get my wireless to work only if i hard code my IP. remember you fixed me up at Kaveh Kanes by turning on DHCP? well, for some strange reason, DHCP does not work in my house. we’ve tried everything! it probably has something to do with the router… can i bribe you to come over? 🙂

  3. incoming and outgoing email is over SSL

    Does your email go over the wire encrypted? Typically, it’s just the password that is encrypted…