SxSW WordPress Meetup

Just a final reminder, tonight from 6-8 PM at the Thistle Cafe there will be a WordPress dinner/meetup/party. I checked out the venue last night and it’s really great. It’s the same place Bar Camp Austin is going on. By the way, since supports SSL and this site doesn’t, all future conference blogging will […]

Blogumentary Goes to South-by

Blogumentary Goes to SxSW—I’m the proud owner of the “pimpmobile.” Other occupants of the heavily-tinted Chevy throughout the trip include Doug, Carole Guevin and JF Simard (Thanks Doug!), Nikolai, and of course Chuck and Cori. No complaints.

Last Pictures

I just added the last of my SxSW pictures. As many of you know Monday was my last day, so I don’t have any from Tuesday. Also for those that asked it actually turned out the Ethics mid-term wasn’t today, but is on Thursday, which was actually a big relief. Coming back I was utterly […]

What If

What if there was a gathering of the leaders, speakers, visionaries, teachers, mentors, and founders of the web? What if there was non-stop, extensive discussion of the pressing issues of web development and practice? What if this meeting of peers had the nicest people you will ever meet, every one of them so friendly and […]

Notes: The Future: User-Centered Design Goes Mainstream

These are a day late and a little short but I thought I should put them up anyway. Katharine Parrish Heather Champ Jason Nolan Ana Sisnett Parrish: Strong claims: power, justice, and change. Aim to strengthen and not quash these principles. Limiting concerns to blogs. Many questions regarding accessibility. Blog tool developers have made many […]

Newest Pictures

The latest pictures have some random shots throughout the day, some of the Bloggies, and a few blurry ones from Fray Café. Enjoy! I’m just skipping lunch and trying to catch up with things.