Texas Food

I’ve got a “Vote for Pedro” shirt on my chest and baby back ribs and Blue Bell ice cream in my stomach—life is good. I can’t believe how much I missed BBQ!

16 thoughts on “Texas Food

  1. GOD I LOVE BLUEBELL! Home-style vanilla. Yeah Barbecue & ribs – not that crappy pork BBQ but real manly brisket. Where did ye have it?

    I am in Dallas.

  2. BLUEBELL ROCKS!!! Well, um, I mean BLUEBELL ICE CREAM!! Er, they don’t sell rocks… Anyway, bluebell is the bomb, man. Especially homemade vanilla. Woob woob! Glad you’re enjoying it down here. 🙂

  3. Because the cows think Brenham is heaven. 🙂 I’m glad I live in Texas. Couldn’t make it without blue bell.

  4. I live in Perth, Western Australia. We’re the most isolated capital city in the world. I ordered an ND helicopter shirt and wore it to a music festival a few weeks back. When I was there, I saw a dude with a Vote For Pedro shirt. We got our photo taken together but my friend Rich is too slack to upload it. It’s pure gold.

    I also bought another design from No Riders; I like it even more.

    You should all buy ND shirts 🙂

  5. How much you missed BBQ? There is no Blue Bell in California, is there? Damn, I’m craving ice cream now…

    It was SO fabulous to see you. We’ve missed you down here.

  6. If you really want to have the best barbecue in Dallas/Fort Worth I strongly suggest the North Main Street barbecue in Euless Texas. It is the best barbecue I’ve had in Texas (and for that matter the world). I’m in Colorado now and I’m sad that we’ve not got anything half as good as NEM Barbecue.
    People suggest different places in Denver and all I can say is, “What the heck are you even talking about?

  7. Well, sorry, but I am very partial to Baskins and Robbins Ice cream, and to Bryers. I try to eat the orange sherbet the most, less calories. Bit if you put me in Baskins I can choose so may flavors I could OD on it.