In Texas

It feels great to be in Texas again, so much about this state is so beautiful. My sister is picking me up in a few minutes, I’ll see the rest of you tonight.

6 thoughts on “In Texas

  1. I have never lived in Texas but I am coming to appreciate scenery and wildlife from there every time I look at the pictures at this blog:

    My favorite feature on this blog is called ‘Friday Bird Blogging’. Every Friday the author of the blog posts beautiful pictures of birds.

  2. Since you are there, a buddy of mine’s band is playing next Friday night at Coyote Ugly (not a SXSW venue though). They are called Left Out. Their site is pretty basic (I have a WP powered site in the work, waiting on their OK to make it live), but you can download some singles to see if you want to check them out.

    Have fun on 6th Street for this WP user that was born and raised in Austin, and who will one day get back there…