I’m at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas now. This is my fifth year at the conference, and I’m excited as ever to see what this year holds. I’m on two panels this year. If you’re a WordPress user and you spot me at the conference please introduce yourself! I’ll try to keep some WP stickers on me, so ask for one if you don’t have one on your laptop yet.

15 thoughts on “At SxSW

  1. No Buzzcocks at SXSW this year, they were fantastic last year. Matt, if you get a chance, try to talk with Don Was, the producer and musician (Was, Not Was) and talk with him about his online magazine My Damn Channel

  2. I’d love a sticker, where are you going to be at? Dunno that I’d put one my my mac, but I’d definitely put one on my HP laptop.

  3. I can’t go 🙁 I’m stuck with rebranding issues; is automattic nice enought to send some to me so I can spread some love around? ^_^ ’cause I know you can’t buy those…

  4. Damn, wishing I was there, yet again. This is the umpteenth year I’ve wished I was there, but never been. Sad.

    Enjoy yourself, Matt.