16 thoughts on “WP at eBay

  1. With all the possibilites wordpress can do, eBay’s blog seems a little boring. Ir rocks that they use wordpress but a little imagination would go far.

  2. Sorry Jonathan, there’s a bug in WP right now that is publishing the visual version of the post and not the HTML version.

  3. Just as a quick note to Jon the blog has that ranking with Alexa because all sub domains get ranked along with the main domain, so 23 is the alexa rank of eBay as well. It may not ALWAYS be the case but for the most part, and when experimenting with the Amazon API’s for Alexa, I find this holds true.

  4. @ Ryan
    Could it be that Windows IIS (eBays OS of choice) doesn’t do mod_rewrite? I’m not an expert, but I thought that was a reason?