SxSW Day One

My pictures from day one of SxSW.

I’m learning a new camera (the D3) and it turns out for most of this day I was on bracket mode accidentally, so 1/5th of the pictures were correctly exposed and the rest are a little more… interpretive. Thank you to Terry Chay for lending me the 50mm lens I’ve been using. P.S. I’m using the new gallery feature of WordPress 2.5. 🙂

31 thoughts on “SxSW Day One

  1. Weirdly, I tried again and could see the images in the permalinks. Is it related to some commenting issues or did you solve the problem while I was commenting?

  2. Uh, so I haven’t been reading the details of the new WP2.5, but there’s a Gallery inbuilt? No more wrestling with Gallery2, or puzzling over NextGen settings? SWEET.

  3. Don’t forget to include those changes in WordPress 2.5 – ’cause in current SVN build gallery does not link to individual photos properly (to be exact – individual photo pages contant entire gallery instead of single photo).

  4. Hello Matt!

    I’ve been trying to make a photo gallery out of the attachment feature but couldn’t use the pages () feature like at the post. Maybe I probably just wrote the wrong PHP code? Anyway, I just use Pages (for photo gallery) as I don’t want to use any Photo or Images Plugin. Example of a photo gallery is at my site. I’m doing the same with the Post at my other sites not using the attachment. But this new gallery may just solve my problem now. Can we also add text under the pictures at the attachments? Ok, ok, I’ll just wait for WordPress 2.5 release and see it myself.

    Thanks a lot and have a great week at SxSW!

  5. First off, have fun on the trip. I only just heard about it an wish I could go. But I also just skipped a class so I could go shoot a basketball game at another school so missing more class wouldn’t be good right now.

    2nd, isn’t the 50mm fun? You should go get your own before you decide to accidently lose it.

    Finally, this is the first time I’ve seen the gallery function in action. I’m impressed.

  6. The gallery stuff will be on .com when we port that over to the 2.5 codebase, right now it’s on 2.3. The action is on the .org side right now.

  7. There are still some template issues that shows up with this post. I see it with Opera, IE7 and a recent Konqueror. Firefox unfortunately makes it look good. Also, Planet WordPress shows the same issues. Seems to be related to the debug output and nested comments.

  8. Films, yea!! I’m from Austin and go to SxSW every year. This year is loaded with people really turned on. I’m thinking the election is part of it.

    I’m a psychologist starting a site on what we can learn about people and relationships through the movies.

  9. That Gallery Feature looks nice. When will 2.5 release? I thought it was today. I checked several times but nothing and no news from you today either! What’s up?

  10. Matt

    Your name was crossed originally so maybe you should have skipped the ‘Scalable Ventures’ panel altogether.
    I left very quickly as you guys were more having a conversation amongst yourselves than any thing else.
    I gave it the Most Boring South by Southwest Panel Award

    I presented the punkier Just Over 50 and Not Dead Yet panel on March 8, half of it dedicated to the attendees.

    Have a great day

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

  11. Serge, very sorry you didn’t enjoy the panel. It was definitely aimed at people who want to geek out about servers and server software, so if that’s not your cup of tea I could see it being a real bore. I hope you found something else that piqued your interest.

  12. Hey Matt. Am I supposed to set up a new template in order for my galleries to look like yours?

    I just updated to 2.5 and posted 3 galleries already. Figue out how to change the posting sizes. However, on my individual picture pages, they don’t have the nifty forward and back thumbnails like you have.

    PS: nice commenting icon 😉