SxSW Day 2

A hamburger place for lunch, the 16-bit party, and a human-powered cab home.

6 thoughts on “SxSW Day 2

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering about how you show above pictures and how it works when I click the picture and it seems like to go sub-article.

    Is it installed special well-known plug-in for wp? or did you make the special plug-in by your own? If the plug-in is opened, would you let me know how I can get it?

  2. so this has nothing to do with Gallery2?? if your gallery is built in to wordpress then im looking forward to it, save me the Gallery2 install!

  3. A few days ago on this page there still was a popup with detailed informations about the picture and the picture could be seen in full resolution. There were also some random pictures per page. I miss that now.

  4. MisterP, that’s still there for the old photos, haven’t ported those features over to the new stuff yet, but I’ll take a look at it.