SxSW Pool Team

There’s going to be a pool (billiards) competition at SxSW this year in Austin benefiting charity and I’m thinking about putting together a WordPress team for it. Are you a world-class pool player, WordPress user, and going to be in Austin the night of Sunday March 15th? Leave a comment saying why you should carry the WordPress banner and I’ll pick the two best to represent the WordPress community at the event.

14 thoughts on “SxSW Pool Team

  1. World-Class is definitely pushing it, but I am a pretty competitive pool player, and am definitely an uber WordPress user. So I’d love to have my name in the hat to represent WordPress at the pool tournament.

  2. I qualify 2 out of 3 for that..I’m both a passionate WP user and I’ll be in Austin that night, BUT, I’m only half decent at pool (honestly, I’m not trying to be humble).

    But if no one else steps up, I’d be willing to fill the spot 🙂

  3. I’d class myself as a pretty good pool player, and also a WordPress user! Most nights of the week I’m playing it here in the UK, and I’m always trying out new things with the script!…

    Just the one slight problem, you’d need to fly me in Matt, as I wouldn’t be in Austin that night! (Sadly!) – You’ll need to come over to the UK, and I’ll give you a game or two, maybe more.

    Guess I qualify for 2 out of the 3 as well! 😉


  4. Like I said earlier, I’ll cheer from the sidelines, and/or grab drinks. You ought to see if Dad would come up, all those hours of watching The Hustler would pay off…

  5. Well I am a newbie to WordPress but I am setting up a store using the WordPress template and have been living the “WordPress” life the last month. I would love to meet others that are into it as well. I am also a decent pool player and would love to be involved.

      1. Then no flaking this year. We WILL hang out and you can meet (? for the first time?) and/or get to know my fiancé better. (FIANCÉ!)

  6. I’ll be in town for SXSWi (through the bitter end, my panel is at 5 PM on Tuesday), and I use WordPress. Unfortunately, I suck at pool. That said, I’m very, very good at heckling better pool players into missing their shots. Just throwing that out there!

  7. I’m paying my way through grad school with this game, but am still working on paying for the first book, and have yet to make my tuition payment 🙁 , but I’m local and am new to WordPress and digging away, after defecting from Joomla. So post the place (need help finding one?) and count me in.

  8. I will be in Austin for the Tourny if you are looking for someone still.

    I am a pretty decent pool player. I play twice a day usually during my breaks in between working on my numerous wordpress blogs 🙂