31 thoughts on “Automatic Upgrade

  1. Matt,

    I will get you a beer when WordPress 5.0 comes around.
    Thank you for WordPress, I found OLD files of mine which was HTML using frames for version 1.0 of my site. Then I look at my WordPress installation….all I can say is WOW, things are so much easier now.

    P.S. By WordPress 5.0 I mean whenever I see you in another WordCamp event. If you are not into beer then a cool refreshing glass of milk.

  2. Is that the face you made when you wrote that? I feel for you, man. I’m getting support questions in FACEBOOK!

  3. I only can say that I upgraded my blog to 2.7.1 even before official release info popped up on WP development blog.

    So, Matt, thanks for WordPress, a great FLOSS tool!

  4. I’m sure it will be – when the load dies down a bit I’ll try and get it. For 2.8, how about the ability to choose your nearest mirror site? If this was a security update I’d be worried by now.

    It does show, though, just how popular WordPress is and how welcome an addition the automatic upgrade functionality is, which is a good thing.

      1. Hmm. My bad. Seems to be a problem with one of my hosting accounts (I get a ‘domain name lookup timed out’ error, whereas the other account is working fine). The error is also stopping me from upgrading plugins, which was working fine at the start of the week – just before 2.7.1 came out. Time to nag my service provider…

  5. I’d grown accustomed to upgrading manually, even managed to get it down pretty well.
    Along comes the instant upgrade. Did my backups and took a deep breath, hitting the button for an automatic upgrade. I was afraid, let me tell you. Fortunately it didn’t last long at all. Upgraded in seconds. Mere seconds at that, like 5 or less. I’m seriously impressed as well as grateful to WordPress for such a great blog platform.
    Hugs from nervous me!

  6. Matt, it’s good that you point those with problems to the support forums but, as far as I can tell, there are no threads there addressing the issues people are having; all the results to the most obvious search terms seem to be at least half a year old and deal with the Automatic Upgrade plugin.

      1. hehe I love how your gravatar looks like you’re going to explode next to that comment. It’s like “I’ve said it a million times already!”

  7. We had a painless upgrade on our WP install and there’s a few positive signs on the WP group of travel bloggers.

    I’m now testing WPMU2.7 and hope to have that live soon too. Future upgrades there will be an automatic upgrade I’m going to be nervous about 🙂

  8. Thanks to WP2.7 the auto upgrade works so fast, I am not sure it’s already 2.7.1
    Totally awesome. Thanks once again to WordPress Team. Thanks Matt.

    * that gravatar just awesome-ly funny. 😀

  9. I recently made the jump from hosting my blog at wp.com to self hosting. I’ve been extremely impressed at the ease of set-up. I couldn’t believe how easy upgrading to 2.7.1 was.

    Congrats to the whole team!

  10. Upgrading all the WordPress blogs I manage was a completel walk in the park, and for that I’d like to thank the developers!… Not to mention the users that requested the feature, it’s just so easy, it’s almost unbelievable! 😛

    What would take me a good half hour, took me less than a minute and we were up and running with the latest release.

    I’m now just looking forward to WordPress 2.8 and all the new features and improvements added. I can’t wait to see were WP is at the end of the year, we might hit version 3.5 which is quite hard to think about as I’m used to 2.X – Enough of me talking! LOL


  11. Wow!
    (The time it took me to say “Wow” was enough to update from 2.7 2.7.1)

    Great work! Immediately I upgraded all my sites from 2.6.* releases to the latest one.

    Thanks a lot! It takes away the pain of updates.


  12. Upgrade was quick and fast. I did it on 2 of my blogs oen with less traffic worked fine but on high traffic page did not return back when I hit upgrade. but upgrade happened.

    I still remember spedning 3 hrs to upgrade where most of the time went on uploading but now its MAGIC

  13. Ashish-I used to use Fantastico, upgraded from 2.61/2.62 to 2.7 by myself, and now I use the auto-installer. 🙂

    Great work. No longer leashed to Fantastico now. 😀