My WordPress Tattoo – Baker’s Hours

Ed Morita writes about his new permanent WordPress tattoo. I knew once the temporary ones starting taking off it’d just be a matter of time. 🙂 Lorelle has a good writeup here, and so does Mashable. As for people asking — there are no plans to change the logo ever! I think the W is pretty timeless.

14 thoughts on “My WordPress Tattoo – Baker’s Hours

    1. So I thought that at first glance, but actually it’s not the fake WP logo. The proportions are pretty much spot on, I just think there’s a little distortion probably because it was hand drawn and the stretch of the skin. It gets my stamp of approval.

      1. One thing to take into account is the position of my hand. The W will appear shorter or taller depending on how i bend my hand. Even though you can’t see it, in that picture, my hand was bent a little towards the camera. if I were to bend my hand back the W would appear taller. Its all perspective really.

  1. we saw there were still something which not perfect on the tattoo, but we should gave a credit for the innovation, and it also tells how much they love WordPress a lot.