Embedding WP.com Video

Implementing WordPress.com Video on a WordPress.org site. It’s easy, but I agree it would be nice if the video media embed popup made this more seamless.

6 thoughts on “Embedding WP.com Video

  1. The WordPress Video Solution Framework is a good start, but I think the main problem with putting something like this into the core wp.org code is that not all hosts offer the resources necessary to do the kinds of things that is needed for real video hosting like this. Conversion of formats, thumbnail generation, all these take processor power and special setup/configuration that a lot of webhosts simply don’t have on by default.

    There is the possibly of making an easier framework for the video media embed stuff to integrate with common video hosting services simpler for plugins to do. It’d be neat if I could click the video upload button in WP and send a video to YouTube or Vimeo or (insert service of choice) easily, then get back the embed code and have it embed right into the document. Something generic, so that plugins could be made to support any sort of service you want.

  2. Thanks for this link! I was struggling with this problem since I needed to shoot some videos in HD and Vimeo only allows non-commercial videos. Their TOS doesn’t make it clear if “blog with ads” is considered commercial, so I decided not to push it. I’ll sign up for a premium account and use your option instead!


  3. Hi. Any chance of offering something like this kaltura open source plug-in on WordPress.com?

    It lets people leave video comments, upload videos, etc. I’m not a programmer and do not understand the details, but it seems pretty cool.

    WP plugin and example here…