Taj Mahal, Agra

Visiting Agra and the Taj Mahal with Om.

Art in the ImperialPhoto of Gandhi in front of crowdBreakfastGigaOM special NikesBlow horn, use dipper at nightTruck flowersA monkey jumped on our windowThe monkey guy at workSpot the elephantMan on motorcycleCell phone towers everywhereOm LogisticsMess of metal rods out the back of a truckTrafficVending cartLook at the lady on the rightElder scooter gentlemanHeart problems are very common hereMonkeys on scaffoldingOld British carElephant rear-sideElephant walking down streetOm with Om symbolStickers on inside of taxiChild in front of construction machineBroad Band CafeTaj MahalA Christian, a Muslim, and a Hindu all sitting in a row.holy quraan's verses written over the wallPeople on the roof of the TajHidden Om symbol snuck in by Hindu workersThe towers lean slightly outward so if there is ever an earthquake they fall away from the main buildingdelhi metro constructionOm writing a post about the Taj Mahal and Apple

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Great Photos Matt. The first photo in the fifteenth row is unique.. you’ve captured the Taj with the pillars as they look together.. You surely seem to have enjoyed it.

Now, you need to visit the Akshardham temple that’s near the wordcamp venue. You would love it as well!

Hey Matt… Take permission before capturing people in your camera 🙂

I hope you enjoyed your visit (with Om Malik) to Agra. I was there for around 1 year. Then, I visited it almost every month sometimes twice in a month 🙂

Nice pics… I love India(my country), and I love the way you have portrayed

this is really amazing..
even me and my friend r planning to go to agra since long time….but we r so busy messed up in our works that we can hardly progress towards this matter…
good to see such lovely pics of the most adorable place on earth…

hope to see more from u…


The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover.
It is the tears of India,
that keep her smiles in bloom.

Welcome to India !
I hope you’re enjoying my wonderful country and its atmosphere..
Unfortunately I have exams.. and unable to attend the First ever WordCamp in India.. Happy to see that you’re here ! 🙂
btw.. don’t rush and go back too fast.. Take an all India tour, 😉
Enjoy your days in India ! I Wish See you sometimes in future ..

Wow, you were here in Agra, I live, like 2 hours away from Agra, actually in New Delhi.
I had been to Agra just 2 weeks back with my friends and few days back for a Blogging Meet up by Mr Agarwal.
Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration is from Agra as well. Did you get to meet him? He is a great guy too.
I hope you liked Taj Mahal – its quite a sight to see! Nice to have you in India.

Hey Matt 😉 Welcome to India.

Visit south India if you’ve some time 🙂

i will take a snap with you if you come to Hyderabad 🙂

and Don’t miss to meet some Celeb’s in India.. he he most of them are into blogging now!! 😉


Taj mahal is no doubt a must watch place in india.Camera auto starts when you enter in the taj mahal territory.

Seems you are in the car so was able to click only road traffic of the Delhi-Agra highway.

It was great to listen you at the first day pf Wordcamp India.
I do remember how the guys are interesting in clicking photos with you, but appreciate about your long patience to make every one happy and felicitous by giving a sweet simple smile.

Hope to catch you tomorrow.

it is really a very good collection of taj’s pics …
it great …now i will have to plan a visit to taj mahal…

Congratulations for making it to see the Taj Mahal. I had the opportunity when I worked over there in April 2006, but I choose not to go: I was overseas alone, my wife was still stateside, and I didn’t want to visit a monument to love without her. 🙂

Thats your love for your life! great! thats almost as romantic as Shahjahan himself. Except that you havent still made a Taj Mahal for her!.
BTW@ Matt loved you today at Wordcampindia. hope to see you again in future. (i am the guy with a cap who took lots of pictures with you and also asked you to click a pic from my SE P1i)
Thanks for coming to India and making wordcamp a huge event 🙂

Great pictures, Matt!

These snaps give you just an overview of what India is. You may have to spend much more time to capture the essence of India.

But the Taj Mahal is just one of the many beautiful places to be visited and seen. Did you get the time to visit the Red Fort in Delhi?

Welcome to India!
On a different take. Had Shahjahan been so connected in those days, he would have built something like wordpress in the fond memory of his beloved and you would have built Taj Mahal portraying their efforts!
Nice photographs.. want to see more!

Hi Matt,

Welcome to India and enjoy your stay in India. If you need any help just inform anyone from the Indian webmaster community and we will be always ready to help you 🙂 . I can hardly think of building any new website without wordpress.. it has made me a stable webmaster since the past three years from a computer illiterate .. thanks once again and please ask for help if you need anytime in India

The pics of Taj Mahal are awesome but I also advice you to visit Goa, Kerela, Delhi, Rajasthan and of course Slumdog Mumbai .. lol

Nice pictures of symbole of love “Dear”

Seeing these pictures made me want to travel. Fun to see where the mandala header came from in the twenty ten theme. Great photos, that must have been a great trip.

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