SxSW Blogging Begins

Time to break out the old SxSW (South by Southwest) category again, as I depart in just a few short hours on my journey back to my home state of Texas and to Austin, a town which I love. This year is going to be very different for me than the last two because where before I was a naïve young boy sitting in the audience starstruck at all the amazing people there, and now I’m a naïve young boy sitting on a panel starstruck at all the amazing people there. So the seating arrangement has changed a little bit, but not much else. The only other difference is last year WordPress had maybe 2,000 users (tops) and now we have about 40x that.

I just got a new memory card for my camera and I’m all charged up to photoblog the entire event as I have years past, but I don’t know if this year if I can do 0-day photos as I did before, but I’ll try to catch up when I can. Even though all the cool kids will be using Flickr this year I’m going to put mine on my photolog because I don’t want to duplicate effort and use up my limited Flickr bandwidth. The tags should be fun to watch though.

Quick public service announcement: tunnel your traffic or use SSL, far too many people sniff the networks at these things.

I’m going to be on three panels this year, I’ve linked each from the sidebar and I’ll post more about each as they approach.

If you’re a Photo Matt reader or a Ping-O-Matic or WordPress evangelist and you see my please introduce yourself or say hi, I’d love to meet everyone there.

14 thoughts on “SxSW Blogging Begins

  1. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see naïve spelt correctly (with the diacritics).

    A 1 year 40-fold increase is something to be…well there are no words to describe something like that.

    I’d love to meet you someday too, Mr. WordPress. Good luck and have fun at ‘Suckswhuh’.

  2. To think I’ve been pronouncing it ‘SucksSweh‘ the last few years. Color me terra cotta.

    As a note, having to deal with acute-lessness from others day in and day out, I see little reason to get dia-critical over naive. But that’s mí.

  3. Maybe you’ll let us know where all the outward pointing links in wordpress are while you’re there, and maybe explain why they are there.

  4. Pronouncing it “Suhsuw” is also acceptable, as ‘x’ is pronounced like the ‘h’ in ‘human’ in Spanish and Greek.

    Any chance of ‘Nuksnwuh’ (NxNW), ‘North by Northwest’ happening anytime soon? I mean, San Francisco is a much better place to hold an event like Suckswuh IMO.

  5. I’ve just been calling it Southwest the past few days. Guess I should update my vocabulary.

    Try Tor instead of just tunneling. Some really interesting technology there.

  6. My tunneling isn’t working – Mike set it up before I left Houston, and … yeah. Not so good. I called him before the panel, and he told me to talk to you to see if you can help. If you see me and you can hook me up, I would appreciate it. 😀