Zeldman Keynote

I recorded the Zeldman keynote on my camera and the quality isn’t the best (I haven’t even listened to it yet) but I wanted to put it up for people who couldn’t make it. Listen for the surprise towards the end. Here it is: Jeffrey Zeldman SxSW 2005 Keynote. Sorry, looks like I accidentally put up my Jeffrey Zeldman/John Cage remix edition. The link should work now! Everything was really exciting, I can die happy now. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Zeldman Keynote

  1. This really scared me; I had just been using my computer speakers as a guitar amplifier. I thought I had busted it or put the wire into the wrong hole in the back of the computer. As they say, silence is golden.

  2. Yeah, any recordings I make at SxSW are going to sound similar. It’s just how my camera records. I’ll try to get my two panels tomorrow as well. I’d do them all but it really drains the battery.

  3. I like how there’s an “Oh, shit” when Zeldman mentions Matt’s name. Seemed like your appearance on stage was unexpected. Whatever the case, I have to say you presented yourself very well. It’s good to see Zeldman acknowledging and embracing what you’ve done for the community.