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I’m in the midst of finals, so there is not a lot of time for extra-curricular writing here. Things have still been busy. Most notably, I am now a member of the Web Standards Project, and you can see where my bio will eventually go. A friend in San Francisco told me the other day that whenever I come up in conversation it’s as “Photo Matt,” partly because no one can remember my last name. This was exciting to hear because it puts me a single word away from one-word celebrities such as Sting, Prince, Common, Madonna, Ludacris, Seal, and Poe. I suppose I’m in the less-exclusive two-word celebrity club with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Puff Daddy (P. Diddy?), Big Boi, and Andre 3000. Right. The reason I think it’s all funny is that the filename of my bio is photomatt.html, breaking the convention of every other bio on the WaSP site. I guess Molly forgot my last name.

Once again, sorry for the unexpected break in posting. As my schedule settles things should return back to normal, whatever that may be. Besides, all the action is on WordPress anyway, which is fast-approaching its version 1.2 release. Version 1.0 was a big deal and made a lot of necessary architectual changes that we really needed to move forward, but I think 1.2 is the one that’s going to make waves. As a welcome side-effect of WordPress’ recent surge in popularity, there has been a lot more activity with volunteers sending in patches and working on documentation, both of which are sincerely appreciated. The official chat channel has been busy too, #wordpress on I currently have two bots running in the channel, wpbot and pressbot. Wpbot is based on the interesting Mozbot package, which has great logging features and a few other nicities, but just wasn’t what I was ultimately looking for. What I really wanted was JiBot, and that’s what pressbot is. It was more involved installation than Mozbot—I had to download and compile Python, SQLite, and a number of Python packages—but it has been totally worth it. I have been doing a number of development-related setups lately, especially on Windows, and I can’t wait until I get a free moment to write about them. My productivity and organazation has improved several-fold as a result of a few pieces of well-connected open-source software.

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Congratulations, and thank you for you help the other day. Also, it’s too bad that half the exchange in the IRC channel is people trying to get pressbot to say weird things 😉

I met Sting once, a few years ago, by accident in Narita Airport in Tokyo…and he’s a loser! Hey, I used to be a fan, but the ugly truth is that he’s a jerk and he doesn’t have my respect anymore….pity.
I’m about to embrace CSS for the first time – so I’m a complete novice, and stumbled onto your site from the very helpful STOPDESIGN site.
You’re welcome to look at my humble hp – but it’s all in tables still…so, you might think it’s rubbish! *Laughs*

Okay….so I’m not even in the Top 200 Matts on the planet (according to Yahoo)…I gave up looking at that point!
But if you type ‘Matt’ and then ‘Pris’ (my girlfriend)….then I’m one half of the Top couple in the world named Matt and Pris (according to yahoo)!! *Laughs*

I have done some terrible things in my life AND I have made sites with frames. *wince*
I have three goldfish in a tub, ‘Harry’, ‘Sprat’ & ‘Sprog’….they cost £1 each when I bought them over a year and half ago….and I think they are quite cool!
I have never had a crush on old movie stars. My brother likes Greta Garbo though…
Happiness is a fresh jar of douwe egberts coffee.
Internal monologue leads to a stagnation of fruitless thoughts.
For every ripple in the ocean, there is a wave – broken trust is a stone being lobbed at the sea from the shoreline.
My site currently uses over megabytes of disk space…….tiny!
Volumes are nothing without discovery.
I can resist everything but chocolate….okay, and beer….and a good steak…fast cars, web-design, my playstation….oh damn it! I have no self-control below my chin!!
I can never spell “maintenance.” ( I usually get the ‘e’ and the ‘a’ muddled-up).
I am passionate about many things, but I gain more by listening to others.
St.Louis, in winter, can serve up a ‘windchill factor’ of minus 50 degrees….which would definately rid an extremity, or two, if you were outside for long. And I lived there…once!

Sorry Matt. Once again, you find yourself in a place where in fact you are not first. I broke the naming-convention mold at WaSP with Ethan Marcotte’s bio page. Is it emarcotte.html? No, it’s not. It’s sidesh0w.html. What’s more, it’s impossible for me to forget last names except for my own, which, despite having had for 41 years now, is something I mis-spell on a daily basis.

Now get me yer bio, Mullenweg. And just so’s you don’t feel bad about this revelation, you will always be tops in my book!


Well, I was SO happy to see my influence at work: you mentioned Poe in a post…ah…if the crazy b!@#$ hadn’t just stolen BOTH my Poe albums, I could be listening to them triumphantly. I just have to point out that you would really have shown my influences if you had also mentioned Dido, Pink and Enya . If you’re Photo Matt Mullenweg, then you would enter the three name category, but I can’t think of anyone there right now…well, PJ Harvey, and Robert Earl Keen (who’s name just sounds like a serial killer to me).
Enjoyed seeing y’all last night – drop by and visit more often!!!!! Love, Me

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