Sorry about the comment funkiness, while adding in the caching plugin I also upgraded to 1.3-pre-alpha, which has a different method of calling the comments template.

5 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Yeah I needed to make that automatic anyway. I’m sitll using (basically) the same template I used with WP .72 and there are a lot of things I could update now that would make it less labor-intensive.

    Anne, any idea why there’s that white bar at the top in Firefox’s XML mode?

  2. I noticed the same problem when I started serving my pages as application/xhtml+xml. I’ve noticed that if I remove the margins I have on div#rap, the page renders as expected. It’s almost as though the margins were being applied to the body element as well. Since I have a solid color background I just set the background color of the html element to the same one I use in the body element.