Bloglines Citations

Bloglines is the new Technorati. Relevant results, easy to read, and FAST. Hat tip: Dan Hersam via Outer Court. (BTW, it’s interesting to see where Doug’s sliding doors example shows up.)

5 thoughts on “Bloglines Citations

  1. Holy crap, you’re not kidding! I seriously blinked when I clicked ‘Search’ and missed it. It very closely rivals technorati… the only thing it’s missing is the cross-referencing of resulting blog sources.

  2. Bloglines is great. They also provide downloadable “notifiers” to let you know when feeds you are tracking are updated. Notable is the Bloglines Firefox extension ( that adds, among other things, a nifty sub-menu to the right-click context-menu that allows you to “Find references to this page” and “Subscribe to this page”.

  3. I thought feedster was the new Technorati.

    I bet MSN or Google or someone big with enough resources is going to invent a service that simply works and crush the competition. None of these services work well.