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My bud Kelly just pointed me to these cool Powerbook bags. This looks like it could work. I want something very slim and form-fitting for my 12″ to basically protect it from scratches. Most of the time it’ll probably be inside my messenger bag, but I need to protect it from scratches inside of that. Any suggestions?

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Hi Matt,

I use an STM “glove” for my 12″ Powerbook, and it works great. It’s made out of the same material as wetsuits, and prevents the case from getting horribly scratched in my backpack at uni. It’s pretty inexpensive too. According to the site, STM products are available in places other than Australia (including the US), but I don’t know how widespread they are.

The product page is here.

Hope this helps!

I bought a cool neoprene sleeve for my itty-bitty laptop at Fry’s. It says “Vaio” on the front, but I know it will fit a small Powerbook too. I’ve been really happy with it!

I have an Acme bag for my 12″ Powerbook, and I love the thing. It’s sturdy, attractive, and (if you get the black bag) not garish at all, in contrast to most laptop bags I’ve seen. However, if you need something to protect your laptop while it’s inside a messenger bag, it’s probably not the best choice; it’s small, but it’s not that small. Something like the Radtech Powersleevz might be a better choice, if you can forgive them for the tacky ‘z’ in the product name.

scratch that. I read a bunch of review and decided to go with the ZeroShock from Aparently the Booq is very solid but too big. The zeroshock sleeve seemed to be the most protection, without sacrificing small sleek size.

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