Mozilla Design

The new design looks great. If you reload they show different web pages in the screenshot. I wonder how you can get on that screenshot list? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Mozilla Design

  1. Very nice indeed. No doubt this will give those thinking about downloading it more confidence in the program. As the site before was well..rather lack-luster.

  2. If you can hack up this file:
    then you just need to change one of the lines:
    .front-feature-*{ background: #E4ECEC url(/images/feature-back-*.png) bottom right no-repeat; }
    to be:
    Then it’d display any screenshot you wanted.

    Of you could just say you’re a firm advocate for firefox and could they please put your image there… but that’d be too easy now wouldn’t it.

  3. Looks VERY GOOD indeed. I am a big fan of this new design. Very clean, very organized, and very professional. A much better step forward then the last one.

    hmmm, I might have to email them to get a screenshot 🙂

  4. It appears my post triggered a number of people to hack the css file by overwriting it with their user preference css file in firefox. Well, that’s the other way of doing it.