Crash Internet Explorer

Eric Meyer discovers how to lock up a Windows computer using only CSS. On IM the other night he blamed it on WordPress. I’m not crazy about IE, but I wouldn’t go that far. (Opera people hush.)

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In my defense, I only suggested that it was a WordPress problem, possibly character-encoding related. I’ve had trouble in that area before. And in a sense, it was due to my migration to WP– because the CSS I created in order to style the WP features was the root of the problem. In the end, however, my usual line was on target: I blame Microsoft.

I blame WP for removing all barriers from me posting what I write, so when I don’t write for, say, two months, I can only blame myself. I hate that. Maybe being essentially Microsoft-free is also a problem; otherwise I could blame them for all sorts of things.

I had that happen to me at my old job. Certain sites would just completely take my computer down, and all I could blame was the CSS on their sites. And I wasn’t allowed to install Firefox because it was a work machine and … well, they were clueless.