I Found Some Of Your Life

I Found Some Of Your Life, the anonymous diary of someone who found a digital camera memory card in a taxi with a year’s worth of photos and is recreating the person’s life through the pictures, day by day on the blog. Hat tip: Tantek

10 thoughts on “I Found Some Of Your Life

  1. Shelley,

    I hear you! I was thinking the exact same thing. I had to chuckle at all of the comments on the blog. You could hear the bleating of the sheep for miles. 🙂

  2. hey, it’s gone! the site is there, but the blog author pulled everything and left a “That’s it, sorry folks” note.

    Whazzup with that?

  3. No, based on some of the entries I think the creator was getting bored with it already and, perhaps, the owner of the memory card showed up begging for it back (and/or threatening legal action).