Steal From the Best

When Blogger ditched the banner ads for that small tasteful bar at the top that was both attractive and functional, I loved it. Now I’m going down my blogroll and I noticed Hanni has created a version of the blogger nav bar for WordPress. It’s got the WP logo, a search box, a Press It link, et cetera. I haven’t even looked at how she’s doing it yet, but very cool!

7 thoughts on “Steal From the Best

  1. It’s simply just a <div> placed at the top of the page body and styled with CSS – isn’t that what most sites do these days?

    What I like is the next blog. I’m thinking this might be a good use for the get_links() WP tag. You could use it like this: get_links(1, '', '', '', TRUE, 'rand', FALSE, FALSE, 1, TRUE), and it would display one random link from your link category 1 . You could just change the first parameter to whatever your bloglist or random link category is.

  2. I’ve created an 80×24 logo for this using the “official” Dante font. πŸ™‚ Feel free to download it at×24.gif.