Six Apart Musings

Adam Kalsey writes Six Apart Musings. He won’t be porting his plugins to PHP. He has looked at WordPress, but if he moves to anything it’ll be more a full CMS. Adam is someone I’ll need to remember to mail when 1.3 is out. I like the Big Titles on his permalink pages. Hat tip: Phil.

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Looking over the feature list in the dev blog and the changelog on the wiki, I don’t think 1.3 will cut it for me either. But I’ve got needs that are WAY more specialized than the average blogger, so trying to meet my needs would be a bad idea product management wise.

Adam, I see you’re ahead of the game. šŸ™‚ The page management features in 1.3 will appeal to a lot of people, but you’re right that they’re probably too generalized for many professional needs.

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