Blue Blog Design

Keith is giving away a great blog design to the most worthy taker. I suggested GPLing it in the comments and that seems to have picked up some momentum. Just a warning if Keith decides to host it himself: blog templates can use a lot of bandwidth. I know Kubrick gets a ton of traffic.

3 replies on “Blue Blog Design”

Traffic? I hate traffic. Seriously though, your idea is a good one and it’s put a bit of pressure on me to seriously consider it. Especially when you offered to help port it. Next thing you know I’ll be switching my whole site to WP…the first step to assimilation? ;0)

Thanks for the idea! Kind wish I’d thought of that in the first place.

I host a selection of free templates on one of my sites and I’m inclined to agree. Mine are all text-only and so are tiny (3-4 Kb a piece), but I’ve had about 25,000 hits (hits not uniques) this month already (it’s the 10th today) so the bandwidth soon starts to add up. If you add graphics into the equation be prepared to wave goodbye to a fair few Gbs. Of course, you could always put a donate button, the more generous may help cover the cost… just don’t hold your breath.

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