Geek Dinner Afterparty

After every good party, there’s an afterparty, and Robert’s geek dinner Thursday night is no different. When it turned out the venue was just a stone’s throw from my place in SF it just made sense to allow the festivities to continue after the restaurant kicks us out. So after the dinner we’ll walk down to my place (about two blocks) where the fun can continue with food, refreshments, and of course wifi. Everyone is invited, as long as you’re XFN Friendly. (Though I’m willing to make an exception for Marc.) If you haven’t already let me know you’re coming via email or IM please leave a comment so I can stock up accordingly. 🙂

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[…] Shockingly (or perhaps not so shockingly), I managed to get through the entire dinner (plus Matt’s afterparty) without getting involved in a tech discussion. I mostly listened intently, nodded, laughed, and fiddled around with other people’s gadgets. Not that I didn’t hear a lot of tech geek talk; I just didn’t see the need for my participation. Curse my lack of tech knowledge! Also, I’m not sure if this sort of dinner would be very conducive to new bloggers — seems to be more of a get-together of people who are already in-the-know. Of course, the dinner wasn’t specifically meant for new bloggers, so the idea is probably moot. […]

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