Dan’s Calendar

Dan has an interesting photo calendar he’s selling with some fantastic dog pictures and for every $25 calendar sold $20 is going to the Red Cross. The donations are a fantastic idea, but isn’t the Red Cross already maxed out for donations they can send to many of those places? Others can speak to that issue much better than I.

2 thoughts on “Dan’s Calendar

  1. Yeah, the Red Cross has a limit. It kinda sucks cause a lot of the money people are donating isn’t even going to where they hope for it to end up, and I mean it’s nice that it goes to something GOOD but there’s no way to specify where you’d like your donation to go. I know a lot of people that are donating $ to temples here in Houston that plan to send their collections over to a specific area hit by the tsunami, so that’s also an idea for those that specifically want their donations helping over there.