LinkRank Smackdown

According to PubSub, I am suddenly much, much less popular. Was it something I said? Fortunately this has no correlation with my actual traffic. Hat tip: Weblog Tools Collection.

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Kottke is skipping 20 ranks in that graph, not 30,000. The scale is different. It’s not a big deal anyway, I imagine the data is tainted by PubSub’s poor handling of duplicate content, as I often see the same entry 2-5 times in my results and items that are months old continually pop up as new.

I use PubSub to track links to a couple of my sites and I use it over Technorati because while it’s interesting to see who linked to me on their blogroll and such, I’m a lot more interested in what people are saying about me. Linkrank may not be correlated with your traffic, but it is correlated to how much people are talking about you (or the ideas you’re tracking, which I also use PubSub for, though I understand Technorati’s new keyword functionality is excellent).

Yes, the LinkRanks for many blogs dropped greatly just over a week ago. The glory details are available on my blog. See: Basically, what we’ve done is responded to the frequent requests to generate LinkRanks for all the individual blogs on LiveJournal, Typepad, MSN Spaces, etc. instead of treating each of the multi-blog sites as a unit. The result has been a pretty major shift in ranks since a link from something like LiveJournal is no longer nearly as powerful as it used to be. Please check out the explanation on my blog. Also, if you have any ideas on how we can continue to improve LinkRanks, let me know.

Roy: You will find many “reverse links” on Google that you won’t find via PubSub since we only pull data from site feeds while Google will pull references from any HTML page. LinkRank only tells you how you stand with bloggers — or sites that generate RSS/Atom files. Note: You’ll find that while Google covers many more sites then we do, we cover more blogs then Google apparently does.

bob wyman

population of san francisco: 776,773; population of houston: 1,953,631. calculations show that the place where you reside now is 39% less populated than where you lived before. half of these are women (educated guess), and so you have much less women coming to your blog with the hopes of “bumping into you” one day and having a torrid affair with you. houston girls have given up; san francisco girls are either lesbian or not interested. this is a much better explanation (imho) than that pikachu site you linked to your popularity downfall. 😉