Firefox Wins

Firefox beat Internet Explorer in number of people accessing by about 80,000 in January. Of the people visiting with IE, over 90% were using 6.0. This makes web development much, much easier.

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  1. Unfortunately, those aren’t global statistics; however, for developing the WordPress site, it does indeed make things much easier for you. Congratulations, hopefully these statistics will spread like wildfire. 😉

  2. “WordPress recommends the open-source Firefox browser” 🙂
    well my wp blog look good when viewed using firefox.

  3. Roy – No those figures are about right.

    Of cource the figures for indivdual sites vary. My work site gets 93% from IE, but thats because of its demographic (teachers and schools).

    When you concider that the Mac is around 4-5% on its own and there is NO version of IE on those anymore (plus Mac users tend to be more clued in on technical and software change/upgrades), combined with an estimated 15% share for Moz/Firefox, then its not hard to see where the figures come from.

    I usually estimate 75%, but thats still in the ballpark of w3schools.

  4. Gregory,

    As soon as I had posted my comment, I realised that I forgot to state the most important point. Browser shares, just like many stats, depend on the definition. Do you count hits? Visits? Unique IP addresses?

    The fact is: Firefox users are blasting the Internet with requests for data — some of it never even to be viewed. Firefox users also tend to spend more time on the Internet. So, far less than 30% of all people use Firefox. Maybe 30% of traffic is Firefox driven. For the record, in the month of January, 52.2 % (101508) of my site’s traffic was Firefox… but I bet most unique visitors use IE6 because they come randomly from Google.

  5. Roy,

    very true. I tend to use unique visitors in this context however – as those are the actual people that visit – thats your number of visitors. However it is always interesting to see how hits breaks down too. I find this less useful tho.

    I’m not sure what you mean about blasting the net with data. They open up in new tabs more, I know I do, but this is because its easier to see the data, hardly not-viewed.

    I would also bet that IE makes up more, just because it’s a larger market share, but that’s sort of the point about market share I think. I would imagine that the percentage of IE and Firefox coming in from google is the same actually – maybe more from firefox, because of the easy google search feature in the toolbar.

    Of cource, as ever – all this depends on your projected audience and current readership!

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