Pueblo Nuevo

A little more Latin, this time Peueblo Nuevo from the Buena Vista Social Club, a delightfully chill song to slow down for a few moments and enjoy.

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Didn’t realize you were a BVSC fan, Matt. Nice selection. My favorite track on the album would still have to be Chan Chan, probably because of its prominence and emotion in the film. Plus I have a special thing for the udu.

I stood in the rain for 3 hours to try to buy an extra ticket off someone when Rubén and Ibrahim came to town. (It was during the height of their popularity, so by the time I found out about the concert it was long since sold out.) That’s the only concert I’ve ever been sorrowfully disappointed that I couldn’t see. I still have the crumpled little handwritten sign I held: “TEENAGERS WHO LIKE GOOD MUSIC WANT EXTRA TICKETS.” Sigh…

Is that where my BVSC ended up? 🙂 Seriously, I’ve been through four copies of it in about a year, even with it being on my work computer and in my iPod. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but Chan Chan is still my favorite with El Carretero coming a close second. I think this and the Gypsy Kings are good traffic music, because you can picture how you would be dancing to them if you could just get home and out of this car! The only downside is those that you can’t share it with: I have a friend who gave me a 40 minute lecture on why he won’t listen to the album, see the movie, or buy any of those artists, b/c he believes that it’s tantamount to supporting Castro.